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Making a Misfit with Erick Godsey: The Myths that Makes us

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It is a great honor to welcome such an insightfully deranged & brilliant individual, whose meatsuit is conditioned to respond to the name, Erick Godsey. He crashed in on Episode 2 of the Death Comes Lifting Podcast. He is a psychology wizard and a mad man of all sorts. We dove deep into the abyss of the psyche of not only me personally, but of all my fellow freaks in general. Exploring why we like the fucked up shit that we like… and why misfits even exist in the first place. if you were looking for a light-hearted conversation to sip your sparkling mineral water to, look elsewhere. This is full of chainsaws, blood, childhood trauma, and all kinds of mental therapy. It was a real pleasure. I hope you enjoy it. Big love energy.

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