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First of all, tell the freaks out there a little bit about yourself... 

So I got into working out as a lifestyle change with zero experience in the gym or weights, etc. I was coming in at about 230lbs, was extremely depressed and unhappy in every aspect of life, drinking constantly and along with that, eating uncontrollably. My laziness honestly was shameful all ways around. But I finally started and didn't quit this time and now it's my entire life right down to my career. As far as horror and all that comes with that, I don't know I just love it and some how, even as a kid in a really strict household, I liked the weird stuff. What can ya do?


What is your training style/philosophy? 

 Highly motivating atmosphere is what I want to create when I am coaching anyone or even just talking about why they're wanting to start. As someone who came from a place of a plethora of negativity and an up bringing where "You can do anything" wasn't really said, I want the exact opposite when training. If someone has ever told you that you can't, please allow me to help you make them feel stupid. Strength, too. For anyone but women really need to realize being strong is a wonderful thing!


Besides The Crypt, where do you currently work as a trainer / manager? 

 I am the club Manager of an incredible Anytime Fitness and this job was my intro to the fitness industry and hands down, the best thing that has happened to me thus far. They really took a chance on me and built me up there. The trainers, and owners, now friends. And this year I am now a Personal trainer at the club as well which led me to assuring that this is my passion.


Who is your preferred clientele population? 

 Anyone who is willing to try and willing to work. I do have an almost mission, if you will, to make fellow spooky gals KNOW and OWN their place in a fitness environment and get comfortable with weight lifting. I've only been on my actually lifting heavy quest for the past year and I have a lot to learn but it's because I waited out of fear of not knowing how, what, where and that's wrong. That's so unfair to yourself.


What is your favorite workout / muscle group(s) to work out?

I can't help it, I just love destroying legs. I want to be able to kill a man with my legs. What can I say? However, I have fallen in love with building my upper body and watching my strength evolve as again, I evaded that for so long.


Favorite cheat meal?

High fat, high cheese, preferably with potatoes involved in any form. And cheesecake. Fuck me up. Dream scenario, the grossest burger from Kumas Corner (which all of you would love. Metal. Meat. Beer)


Favorite lifting music / song / band?

This varies. Some days you just want to shred and kill something so straight black metal is needed. Others, I went on a strictly like female 80s/90s punk grunge stint for like a month. It changes. Band? NIN. 

Your proudest fitness accomplishment?

Short answer, simply picking up a bar, putting weight on it and doing my first deadlift. I did my first 5k this year, did the Triple Bop to the Top in January. I can do box jumps now which was laughable a year ago. I've got much grander plans, though.

Favorite Death Comes Lifting design?

There is no question, Season of the Lift. It is my favorite, it always has been, I want it literally on everything. I am obsessed with it. 

Favorite horror movie?

Incase it's a secret, I love Halloween 3. Duh. I'm pretty outspoken that Freddy Vs. Jason is my favorite, though. Runner up, FT13 Final Chapter.

What does Death Comes Lifting mean to you? We are honored to have you on the team.  

DCL got me right in my niche with the line "Fitness for the Misfits". I always have felt slightly out of place and even more so in a fitness/health environment. Always worried what people are thinking of me, worried am I sticking out too much, am I doing something wrong. Death Comes Lifting is for those people. The weirdos, the non cookie cutter, oddballs and it's like a really cool gang of supportive people. I have made a handful of awesome friends I am so sad do not live near me.