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Lifting Dead Army Trainer / White Girl Bruce Lee

First of all, tell the freaks out there a little bit about yourself...

I've adopted the name "mohawk mandy/ nohawk Mandy" over the years of being a trainer depending on the most current style that my hair is in haha. But before becoming a cardio kickboxing trainer about 6 years ago, I was always involved in martial arts since I was 7 years old. I got my black belt when I was 12 and then my second degree when I was 16. From there I took a hiatus from working out because high school was alot. Started back up again when I applied for a cardio boxing trainer job at 20. And also picked up lifting while I was there. Becoming a personal trainer was were I really thrived. Not only bettering others lives and well being but mine as well. I was always small genetically. Never reached 100 pounds until I was 22. Through weight lifting I gained 30 pounds of solid muscle in 3 years. Im in the best shape now then ever at 27. Im also a freak for horror. Gore? Love it. Creepy? Yes please. Halloween is a year round lifestyle for me. Im always found watching a horror movie, crime doc or something most find quite unsettling. Being able to mesh horror and lifting is probably the best thing that can ever happen! 

What is your training style/philosophy? 

My training mainly consists of lifting and boxing. Most of the people I have trained or do train are interested in at least one of those. However I mix it up and throw some different things in for diversity. Ex. Jumprope, yoga, HIIT derivatives etc. My training philosophy is you get what you give. If you're willing to change the lifestyle you currently have, for a better one you aspire to have, you will achieve it. But you have to give in order to get. Theres no "21 day" bullshit. Its a lifestyle change and maintenance. 

Besides The Crypt, where do you currently work as a trainer / manager?

As of now I am a fulltime physical therapy aide which works side by side a physical therapist creating workouts for patients of all levels. I also am a personal trainer to whomever wants my help. 

Who is you preferred clientele population? 

My preferred clientele is anyone. I do not tell anyone that I will not work with them bc their sex, age, fitness level etc. Everyone deserves a trainer who will work with them no matter what. 

What is your favorite workout / muscle group(s) to work out? 

Fav muscle group to work is biceps and back! My favorite type of workout is often something thats seemingly easy on paper, but makes me rethink why I did it after haha 

Favorite cheat meal?

Anything my boyfriend makes haha but typically its some cheesy pasta with bacon 

Favorite lifting music / song / band?

I always go for the hardcore metalcore shit in my playlists. Usually consists of some Spite, Thy art is murder, Elan Vital, and anything that sounds like a resurrection of demons. 

Your proudest fitness accomplishment? 

Gaining 30 lbs in 3 years lifting and consistently keeping it on. And becoming a more solid boxer. 

Favorite Death Comes Lifting design?

Ugh I have to pick one? Probably would have to a toss up between the Flexorcist tank and the Black flag coffin rendition tshirt. 

Favorite horror movie?

Freddy VS Jason. Easy. 

What does Death Comes Lifting mean to you? We are honored to have you on the team. 

* Deathcomeslifting is the best community i ever stumbled upon on media. I usually want zero to do with any fitness brand because they're so shitty these days. But Deathcomeslifting changed that. Every single person I've befriended and follow are all the coolest and nicest freaks I've ever met. Im so grateful to have found such a badass brand that truely strives to be the best at not only making workouts and merch, but making a solid community for every single freak to feel at home in. I rep the liftingdeadarmy with pride.