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The Lifting Dead Army's STRENGTH COACH! 

First of all, tell the freaks out there a little bit about yourself...

I’ve been a personal trainer for going on 8 years now. I pretty much started working and lifting when I was 14 (30 now). Growing up I was always a chubbier kid, but it got out of hand by freshman year of high school. I got up to 235lbs. And then one day just decided to change that. And here we are hahahaha.

What is your training style/philosophy?

My training style has changed throughout the years from the typical “bro” style, to strictly powerlifting. Now it’s kind of a Powerbuilding old school style, like the 1950s-1970s guys. Heavy compound movements followed by tons of volume on accessory movements and body weight movements.

Besides The Crypt, where do you currently work as a trainer / manager?

I work in medical supplies at my hometown’s hospital and I train a local Gym 

Who is you preferred clientele population?

I’ll train anyone that wants my help haha.

What is your favorite workout / muscle group(s) to work out? 

Right now my favorite movement is Strict Standing Military Press, it’s the most true form of strength in my opinion. Favorite body part to train would have to be my legs.

Favorite cheat meal? 

It’s a toss up between burgers and 3 meat pizzas.

Favorite lifting music / song / band?

Always Black Metal. My go to PR songs are always either Freezing Moon by Mayhem or 

Exercises of FutilityVI by Mgla.

Your proudest fitness accomplishment? 

650 deadlift in a charity meet. It was the longest pull I’ve ever done, but had a few local lifting legends screaming at me to lock it out.

Favorite Death Comes Lifting design?

The Classic logo with Tarot card on the back. 

Favorite horror movie? 

Another toss up lol, it would either be a French film from 2007 called Martyrs (not the 2011 American remake) or You’re Next! 

Favorite Black Sabbath album?


What does Death Comes Lifting mean to you?

DCL is everything I’m interested in, from fitness, to metal, to horror movies. And combining all three is definitely something o found myself becoming a part of. And it’s kind of a middle finger to modern fitness clothing haha.