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Bloody Valentine's DEAL: Gym Makeup & Shirt Coffin Box Set Special


DIG UP our Gym Goth EYELINER & Makeup Remover with your choice of either a Black & Blood Women's Tee OR Lift Weights Drink Blood Unisex Tee ... a $90 value for $60!

Happy Valentine's Day. 


Makeup description:

YOU can now ROCK your EYELINER to the GYM without the fear of sweat or blood running it into your eyeballs!

OUR MECHANICAL WATERPROOF EYELINER PEN is formulated by Pinnacle Cosmetics to be standing strong by the end of even the most intense workout rituals.

In fact, THE ONLY THING that will properly cleanse your freaky face is our MICELLAR MAKEUP REMOVER that perfectly completes this BOX SET.