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HELLMOON - Undying Blackened Glory (CD)

HELLMOON - Undying Blackened Glory (CD)


Raw, unfiltered, deafening, solo-project black metal from Manitoba, Canada is aptly titled, "Undying Blackened Glory" from an entity known only to the shadows as HELLMOON.

This debut recording, which, according to legend was originally produced as a single copy with the tape being found centuries later on a ruined cargo ship  transporting coffins from Transylvania to Norway; and sounds sounds just as such. Playing as if it was (and it probably was) recorded in an ancient vampiric dungeon with strangely good acoustics for it’s time, it’s sonic embrace of the chaotic early days of tape-deck blistering blasphemy offers relentless pace of which you should rightly fear. 

It is comprised conveniently of six tracks smashed between an impending doom intro and an eerie outro that will not give you too much hope for the future. It grasps ahold of your throat and shoveth downeth some blistering riffs, howling vocals, and sacrilegious lyricisms that always have lended themselves so well to this flavor of traditional lo-fi black metal. 

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